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Transportation Strike Could Snarl Travel And Cash Back On Hotels

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First up this week is word of a strike in France for transportation workers. This could obviously affect your airline travel, since Air France union ground crew workers are supposed to strike. Air traffic controllers are said to be a part of it, which would make matters much worse. And, this strike is also supposed to affect rail workers. Train is a great way to get from airports like Charles-de Gaulle to downtown Paris. And, I’ve taken the train to get to smaller cities outside of Paris. If you have a trip planned soon, it’s time to start thinking of backup plans.

Next up is the news that BankDirect will start sending 1099s for the miles you earn with their banking product. BankDirect has been around for ages. It’s a way to earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles on your banking. The program is not as lucrative as it once was, but it’s still a reasonable way to earn a few miles. There are competing opinions on how bad the change from BankDirect is. One Mile at a Time thinks it’s not worth the hassle, while View From The Wing thinks this is a small cost and still a viable way to earn some miles.

One of the more popular cash back apps, Dosh, is offering a $30 cash back bonus for hotel bookings right now. This is on top of the regular cash back you’d receive on a Dosh booking. Deals We Like has more details on this easy way to pick up cash if you’re planning a hotel stay in the near future.

Richard Branson is no longer interested in selling his controlling stake in Virgin Atlantic to Air France-KLM. This was essentially a way for Delta to gain a majority control in the airline through a series of different transactions. It’s unclear how much this cost Richard Branson, or how mad Delta is. But, it’s highly likely this is better for frequent fliers than if Delta had control of the award charts.

Finally, today is the first day of United Airlines new upgrade system, PlusPoints. The system offers more flexibility to elite travelers for the upgrades they receive. PlusPoints replaces the Global Premier Upgrades and Regional Premier Upgrades, also referred to as GPU and RPU for us nerds. This is likely to be a positive change, adding a bit of flexibility for travelers. However, unless United loosens their hold on inventory, this will likely end up as a non-event for most travelers.

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