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Capital One Transfer Bonus And Does Elite Status Matter?

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This week Joe Hegedus from Your Mileage May Vary joins host Ed Pizza to chat about some of the top news and posts of the week on BoardingArea. The gents chat about news in the headlines: New Amex Offers from Marriott and for stays in Las Vegas and speaking of Vegas, a new international flight launches service between Sin City and the City of Lights. Tune in to hear a discussion on whether elite status matters anymore and the evolution of the economy class experience. They also chat about yet another Capital One transfer bonus, a possible partnership between JetBlue and Norwegian Air and Marriott’s acquisition of seven all-inclusive Caribbean resorts.


Airline Status Matters For Some People But Most Of Us Should Just Ignore It

Amex Offers: Save Money In Vegas And At Marriott

Is The Economy Class Experience Starting To Get Better?

Marriott Is Buying Seven Caribbean Hotels To Add To Its All-Inclusive Portfolio

33.3% transfer bonus from Capital One to Qantas

La Compagnie Will Fly To Las Vegas Via Iceland

Norwegian Air & Jet Blue in Tentative Trans-Atlantic Agreement

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