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NowBoarding: Deals We Like – Adam Yellin – NB 031

Welcome to NowBoarding: The Official Boarding Area Podcast!

Each week one of Boarding Area‘s talented crew of bloggers will jump in the cockpit with “Captain” Ed Pizza, host of Miles to Go and blogger at Pizza in Motion. On each NowBoarding flight, you’ll get a chance to learn more about the folks behind your favorite travel blogs. How they got into blogging about flights, hotels, credit cards and other deals; their favorite destinations and preferred credit cards and loyalty programs.

In a first for NowBoarding, Ed chats with a spousal blog and points partner! You´re probably more than familiar with Jen Yellin from Deals We Like. Well, meet her husband, Mr. Deals himself, Adam Yellin! Tune in to learn about how using points and miles helped Jen and Adam maintain a long distance relationship. Ed puts Adam´s memory to the test: quizzing him on his biggest points mistakes and his best miles redemptions. Last but not least our lighting round of questions will highlight Adam’s favorite credit card, hotel and airline programs and the one destination still on his bucket list.

Show Notes

Deals We Like

Don’t forget to check out the Miles To Go Podcast where we bring you the latest travel news, tips and tricks each week to help you save money and travel better.

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