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NEW FORMAT: Weekly Travel News!!!

Welcome to NowBoarding: The Official BoardingArea Podcast!

We’re kicking off our newly updated show format! In addition to our traditional interviews with BoardingArea bloggers, now you can also catch some the week’s latest news, deals and top posts found on BoardingArea!

This week “Producer Mike” from Coworkaholic joins host Ed Pizza to share his recent experience overstaying a visa in India. Ed’s got an update on Google Flight’s latest features. Plus, in a twist of fate: both of their favorite posts from last week are from NowBoarding guest host, Gilbert Ott of God Save the Points!


That Time I Had to Pay $300 to Get Out of India

Google Flights Will Now Tell You If Your Flight is a Good Deal

Here’s the Diet CIA Operatives Use to Beat Jet Lag…

The Clever App Helping People Save When Hotel Prices Drop

Don’t forget to check out the Miles To Go Podcast where we bring you the latest travel news, tips and tricks each week to help you save money and travel better.

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